You Mean More to Me Than Cs


“I win!” I jumped up and ran to the chalk-drawn line to pick up both Jacob’s and mine chains of C’s. I was the winner and my six year old heart was bubbling with excitement.

“No, you didn’t!” Jacob shouted. “My chain was closer to the line!”

“No, it wasn’t!” I spat back. “Mine was closer, I won and you are a sore loser!” I yelled clutching the treasure in my hand.

“Give it back!” shouted Jacob and ran towards me. I picked up all my Cs off the grey tile floor and dashed for an exit out of the tower block. Suddenly I felt something under my foot. Crunch! Jacob and I both froze. I moved my foot and we both stared at the pile of broken pieces. More


Forbidden Laugh

pooping cat

My father loves to laugh. If there is a funny scene in a movie, or if something funny happens, he laughs so hard that tears stream down his face, and when you hear him laughing like that, you can’t help but laugh too even though, you missed the funny scene. If something happens to his wife, kids, friends, neighbors etc. – it’s funny. However, if it happens to him – it is not funny, and nobody is allowed to laugh. If you do, you are sure to face his wrath.

One morning, as I was waking up in our two bed flat in Prague, I heard my father yelling in the bathroom. I moved closer to my bedroom door and cracked it open, so I could hear what he was mad about without him seeing me, because whatever it was, I would surely get told off for it. More

How My Boyfriend Learned To Use a Maxi Pad

Our Golden Retriever Tender was in heat for the very first time.

“Are there any doggy underwear out there?” I asked my boyfriend.

He almost choked on his sandwidge and gave me an odd look. “You asking me? Go to the pet store, they should know.”

“Ah, that’s a good idea!” I smiled.

“Surely there must be something out there, I don’t want to have blood all over the house.” More

Pseudonym Or Real Name?

We were discussing with a fellow blogger artist and a writer Encodey whether to use a pseudonym or our real name. I am just putting it out there to get more thoughts on it.

It’s a real dilemma because in order to express your creativity freely you have to expose your vulnerability, emotion…Be true to yourself and others. That’s how others connect with you and your art. More

Another Random Dana

My friend Dana is a delightful girl, always up to something crazy or hilarious. Within five minutes of meeting her, she would either make you laugh so hard, that you would pee your pants, or shock you with her off the wall responses. If she makes you angry with her uncensored remarks, please forgive her, because nine times out of ten she didn’t mean it at all. If you get to know her a little better, she will take you on an exciting journey with her original ideas and discussion topics. You will never get bored with her, and if you are lucky to be her friend, she will do anything for you in return.

Now, before I get to this hilarious story about Dana, I have to tell you about the place where we worked, and about some of the characters, that were affected by Dana’s thoughtless actions. More

Grandma’s surprise fix

My Grandma was the best loving grandma you could ever wish for. I was never far from her thoughts, and she always did things for me in acts of kindness. I loved her dearly in return, being grateful to have someone who really cared about me, because I often felt unloved and misunderstood in my immediate family.

When I was about fourteen and a “rock chick” in training, I had a favorite pair of jeans, that just started to break in with cool little holes on my knees. I loved it, as it was so cool, and it fit perfectly with my rock chick image. More

Why they used to call me “Bear”

When I was about thirteen, my Father, whose mission was to make my life a living hell, called me in the kitchen. His friendly voice indicated, that something unpleasant was just about to happen. He proceeded to pull out a fury monster out of a bag.

I couldn’t figure out what it was at first. “What is it?”

“Well, you need a new winter coat, don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“No, but! Just try it on!” He handed me the fake fury monster of a coat. More